It all started with the idea of creating a belt that can be used in many different ways: with a dress, skirt or pants, with different colors and on different occasions. One belt for every outfit.

Elysian belts

The collection actually consists of one belt in different colors. Thanks to diamond-shaped holes on the full length you can wear the belt on your your hips, in your waist or in between. 

You can choose your personal color combination by selecting the color of the belt and different removable vertical colored straps. You can play with the colored straps and adapt the belt in function of the colors of your outfit and accessories.

The belts are in leather and made by a local manufacturer in Belgium.


We believe in identity. We want to encourage people to make their own choices in life, to choose the combination of colors they like. We believe that if we encourage people to make their choices in small things, this could be the first step towards a habit of choosing what you like and creating the life you choose. Big changes start with small steps.


We believe in simple things. We aim to create simple design that can be used in different ways. Thanks to the diamond-shaped holes you can wear the belt how you like it and by changing the color combinations of the straps you can make it go with almost any outfit.


We believe in local. The belts are handmade by a Belgian manufacturer that received the HIB label - Handmade in Belgium - for its craftsmanship.

We value craftsmanship and want to support local businesses.