ABOUT Elisabeth

About Elysian Elisabeth Muyldermans

Hi, welcome!

My name is Elisabeth and I live in Brussels. 

I created Elysian in 2016. It started out quiet organically when I was looking for a belt to go with a particular outfit but couldn't really find anything suitable. Since I have a background in business and fashion, I thought "why not create one myself". 

From the beginning, it needed to be a belt that you could wear on your hip and in your waste. I had been listening to 'the Minimalists' podcast for a while and this had raised my consciousness about the 'stuff' you bring into your life. It was really important for me to make something multifunctional, that adds value to a women's wardrobe; 'one' needed to be 'more'. That is when I came up with the removable straps. By removing or adding the colored straps, you can customize your belt according to the colors of your outfit. You can also buy the straps separately to create the color combinations that you like.